Scathing Book Reviews of To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is one of those books that’s required reading in most American Junior Highs and High Schools.  We read it and watched the Gregory Peck movie version as well, with Robert Duball as Boo Radley (!?!).  A nice read, and the City of Chicago even made it the premiere selection of its “One Book One Chicago” program.  So far so good.  But is it an American Classic?

Without doubt, that’s the majority opinion, but there are some dissenting opinions. These critical book reviews of To Kill a Mockingbird, would like it to die, Mockingbird, die! :

“Yes it was 1961, yes it was the Civil Rights Movement, yes a lot of people used WAY too much pot, but none of those arguments can explain why this obvious, saccharine mockery of a novel won anything, including publication rights.”


I don’t like it that much, becuase there is to much drama. The main reason I read it is because my teacher made our class read it for a grade and I really do not need a F on my report card.


Thank God Ms. Lee only wrote this book; surely her next would degrade society even further.


Well if this is a classic then so could the Charlies Angel’s movies. All the book consists of is a middle-class family in the south with a few weird neighbors. I mean come on.

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