Scathing Book Reviews of Dune, by Frank Herbert

What can one say about Duneby Frank Herbert? Well, it made for an embarrassingly bad moviestarring Sting and Kyle Maclachlan, but beyond that, it’s considered a Science Fiction classic, and has influenced genre authors ever since it was first published in the 1960s.

It’s a little dry for my tastes if you know what I mean, but these Scathing Book Reviews of “Dune” find it downright arid:

Clumsy writing, heavy-handed symbolism, self-righteousness, unbelievable dialogue, characters even a comic book would blush at. A book that insults the intelligence at every level.


A friend told me that DUNE was different from the run of the mill sci-fi endless spillage of adverbs and adjectives. After three chapters of the most tedious and unnecessary descriptions of the tiniest details I decided he didn’t know what he was talking about.


After 10 pages everybody could guess the end.


Never have so many dreadful Science Fiction cliches been brought together in one book. Ghastly.


This book brought me near suicide. I was so depressed after reading this pie that I wanted to go eat a goat.

and perhaps the ultimate insult:

Prose that would make a Dungeons and Dragon novel blush…

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