Scathing Book Reviews of Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is a classic that we’re all familiar with. OK, one that we’ve all heard of, anyway. No, its not the same as the movie The Black Stallion.

Imagine a Charles Dickens novel. Now insert a big Black Horse into the role usually played by a little boy.

Yes, THAT book. It’s a favorite of years past, and still appreciated by many, but unfortunately, these Scathing Book Reviews of Black Beauty think its all horse dung:

If somebody can tell me why this book is considered a classic I would love to know! The only thing it has that good novels have is pages!


This book is just plain boring… Black Beauty is just a little goodie-two-shoes.

…and this from a reader who asked around:

I have consulted several others and we all agree on one point: its a total waste of money, time, and effort. This book somehow managed to become a classic, proboble just because it has to do with horses.

..and some friendly advice from a student to the teachers of the world:

I dont know why this book is a classic. Trust me, it deserves a 1. For all those teachers out there, DONT BUY BLACK BEAUTY!!!

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