Watership Down, by Richard Adams

Watership Down by Richard Adams will be an eye opener to those that have never had country neighbors that kept Rabbits. I will never forget going up to the cage in our neighbor’s yard to find not cute little baby bunnys but rather, a bunny version of the Silence of the Lambs. << Shudder >>. After that, I learned to watch my step around the guy playing the Easter Bunny at the mall. Also, Watership Down wasn’t the shock it could have been, and was an enjoyable read. But these reviewers would like to do to the book what my neighbor’s Rabbits did to their offspring:


I mean, who cares about a bunch of rabbits… All that happened, was rabbits did this and rabbits did that.


Who ever heard of talking and fighting rabbits anyway?


I was so angered at how the bunnues were after all just bunnies.


bunnies talk, walk, sleep, eat, and die. Wow…uh huh….that sounds fun. COME ON!!!!!


Watership Down is one of the worst books with animals as main characters I’ve ever read.


I tried reading this book. I got to page 3.

…and this review, which refers to perhaps the world’s most frequently read content on Rabbits:

Watership Downard Spiral: If this is a Watership then, for the love of Christ, somebody sink it. It should have been called “Watership Boring”, because that’s what this book is: BORING. I don’t get it. The plot’s too complicated and the rabbits are talking. Hello, author guy, can bunnies talk? NO. So unrealistic. And how am I supposed to relate to rabbits? Stupid, stupid, stupid is all that comes to mind. The only thing this book is good for is kindling. I’ve read better stories on the back of a TRIX box.

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