100 People Who are Screwing Up America, by Bernard Goldberg

100 People Who are Screwing Up America…and Al Franken is #37 by Bernard Goldberg is a book that has a fairly equal balance of 5 Star and 1 Star reviews. Conservatives go out of their way to praise it. Liberals go out of their way to denigrate it. I don’t know if writing that kind of book is a great way to help the country, but it certainly gets one’s attention and drives books sales! If you came here for Scathing Reviews, this is the right book for it:

The 101st would be the one on the cover.


Blah blah blah liberals hate America blah blah gansta rap blah blah radical feminists blah blah token conservatives thrown into list to make it appear non-partisan blah blah in my day, things were different… blah blah traditional values. Blah.


This book is tailor made for those who subscribe to People magazine. This gossipy, nasty, vile spew comes from the mind of a troubled person who devoted precious months of his limited time on earth to vilifying a hundred people in print.


Sorry Bernie, but you made a terrible book. Stick to your Real Sports gig. You are great at that!


Goldberg doesn’t have any brainstorms here, just light drizzles. Put away the umbrella and the book.


He’s the right wing Eric Alterman……..that’s not a good thing.


If you feel uncomfortable having to think all the time, purchase this book and give yourself a brake.


The writing is also amateurish, filled with more nasty name-calling (even his so-called good friends don’t escape notice that yes, he is better than they are) and finger pointing than any real answers or revelations.


The whole enterprise struck me as pretty mean-spirited cut and paste job.


Sometimes I wonder why I force myself to read crap like this.


This book should be named “I’ll do anything to win the love and honor of the republican party.”


…a book written by a right-wing nut for other right-wing nuts.

Even so, one reviewer pointed out something that the majority of Americans can agree on:

But he is right on one hand… Barbara Streisand is REALLY screwing up America.

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