Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is one of those books that lurked around the edge of my awareness for years, if only because of the unique title. Its aged pretty well, given that its original publication date was in the mid 1980s, and I’m sure someday it will be turned into a movie. Its considered a “Modern Science Fiction Classic”, and Card certainly made a good living out of it, with the requisite sequels, samequels and prequels that successful genre books seem to generate. But for these reviewers? Game Over:

It is an insult to the great sci-fi books like the STAR WARS series.


To me, this is what gives SF a bad name: juvenile militaristic rubbish with religous propagandist underpinnings; stereotypes instead of characters, a by-numbers plot; no depth, no complexity, no intelligence.


Let’s see if I can do some serious damage to my reviewer rating here. This must truly be the most overrated book in the entire science-fiction canon. Card writes prose with the vocabulary of a moderately intelligent adolescent, and since “adult acting kids” kids (in the most generous sense) constitute all the major characters of his book, that’s who most tends to love this novel. And for all the older readers who think Ender’s Game is the greatest thing since sliced bread, well, I guess some of us started our second childhoods a tad early. The best thing about the book is probably the whole subplot about Ender’s evil brother and loving sister, and trust me, that ain’t saying much.


It’s like enduring a root canal in slow motion. Without benefit of anesthesia. While the dental assissant reads aloud the latest celebrity gossip congealing around Paris Hilton.


The idea of a 6 year-old military genius is absurd. And if there was one, the idea that the people of power would put a child in command of anything is even more absurd. Does Card know any human beings? Can’t tell from reading his book.


It’s kind of like Harry Potter goes to space, but with much less thought and writing talent.


This was the first and last Orson Scott Card book that I will ever subject myself to read.


God almighty, I had to read this fantasy scifi book for a book club, and I’m lucky I didn’t strangle myself.


The one thing better than Ender’s Game is 17 hours of eye surgery.


Ender Wiggin is a weenie. What more can I say?


It could be retitled “Recess goes to Space”.


Hungry for more? Here’s a very serious take on Ender, and not a very kind one.

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