The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven R. Covey

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey is perhaps the most well known “self help” book of the Late 20th/Early 21st Century. Dr. Covey seems to be absolutely sincere about what he has written, and I have to admit I’ve read it myself. It’s a fairly long read – maybe too long, but I think its good stuff. These reviewers, however, would like the break this particular “Habit” :

If you think that some bozo who’s only interested in making money for himself can help you become a success, think again. You need to talk to a professional. Someone who will help solve your real problems. You must have fallen to some deep, depressing place if you have resorted to reading this trite trash and think it’s good.


Horrifying: This may be the very worst book I have read in my 37 years. Stuffed with linguistic fluff and stylistic errors, and short on ideas and evidence, the book reads like a map of the capitalist, Christian fundamentalist, anti-intellectual U.S. mind.


The only thing buying this book helped was Covey’s bank account.


I figured 10 million readers (as the cover states) can’t be wrong. I pray I’m never trapped in an elevator with any of them.


If your a Christian and even if your not why not just read the book God wrote for us instead of reading all these “self help” books.

…and this, from a reviewer that wants advice from writers that can “take the heat”:

Covey has done a cut and paste job of other self-help books. it is easy to write a book after having reviewed other people’s books. I respect anthony robbins (after all a man who can make you walk on fire must know something)…

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