Catch-22, by Joseph Heller

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller has the honor of its title becoming a true “catchphrase” in American Slang, and, sources say, a line in a Metallica song. A Catch-22 can be defined as “a general situation in which an individual has to accomplish two actions which are mutually dependent on the other action being completed first”. It’s a fairly good, if somewhat strange book. These reviewers don’t think this “Catch” is very fresh:

I can’t get through “Dracula” either and that’s just as highly praised, if not more so than “Catch 22”.


There are many myths that persist in modern life. One myth is that war is “meaningless”, “useless”, or “insane.” Another myth is that Catch-22 is a good book.


Just because some art freak with oily skin and a funny hat says a book is good, doesn’t make it an American classic. For lack of a better word, this book sucked.


many charecter.. hard readering. i could have summerized the point in a bout half a sentence


I has read this novel for a English Class in collage and I found it absolutely mortifying.


Obviously, a lot people were smoking a lot of weed in the sixties to think this thing is worth reading.

…but at least we now we know where Scott Adams got his inspiration:

The book is basically Dilbert in World War II.

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