The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald summons up images of the Roaring 20s, doomed ambition, and for students at Southern Illinois University, an infamous bar. An American Classic? Well, not according to these reviewers:

i personally had no desire to read about spoiled rich people who had problems. omg i really had no sympathy for any of the characters, especially Gatsby. honestly, he had it coming. i’m sure a lot of older people will enjoy this book but if your under 21 i’d stay far far away


Hey everyone! Lookit me! I’m a rich little snot and I can throw a big party in my mansion! What’s “great” about this Gabsty fellow exactly? Write something about people who work for a living, not this junk.


Excellent substitute for valium… The most artificially inflated phenomenon since the 1929 stock market, and likewise this book seems like a worthy instigator of a great depression.


The Great Gatsby contained nothing more than can be found in a TV soap opera.


Don’t bother with it, and read Douglas Adams instead.

…and this review, which finds a heretofore unseen tie between The Great Gatsby and Seinfeld:

It is the story of a man who, basically, talks about nothing. The plot is nonexistent, just the ramblings of a man who’s confused about society.

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  1. i think this was a great book and i read it at age 16 so all u people who thought the book was bad f**k off

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