Scathing Book Reviews of 1984, by George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell was once broadly viewed as a warning of things to come in a possible future. Now its seen, more correctly, as a criticism of forms of both thinking and political behavior, specifically of the Soviet Union, but of all governments in general. I read it simply because back in 1984, it seemed the thing to do, and I’m glad I did it. These reviewers? Not so much:

The plot is fairly simplistic but with redundant lines. “Oceania has always been war with Eastasia.” “Freedom is slavery.” “Big Brother is watching you.” In other words, it was nothing but a lot of nonsensical fillers.


Orwell is one of the most overrated novelists of this century. He’s nothing more nor less than a second-rate hack who profiteered by preying on the worst fears of modern man. Today, his book is the modern bible of the paranoid disgruntled white male…


I reccommend this book to people who are willing to sit threw some boring parts and who love science fiction.


This book was an overrated classic and a big fat FLUB!


1984 might have been scary 100 years ago, but not now. If you like reading about old people think they are beating the system by saving a PAPERWEIGHT, then by all means…


Great attitude George… Let’s try to be a little more optomistic, and work on a happier ending, shall we?

…and this review from a Happy Citizen:

Something like that could never happen in my country I’m happy in communist China

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