Scathing Book Reviews of Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a book that we’re all familiar with, and has become something of a cultural touchstone. It’s not quite Science Fiction, though its set in “the future”, and unlike most Dystopian works in that it has a semi-happy and hopeful ending. Nevertheless, Fahrenheit 451 left these reviewers feeling burned:

All books begin with a premise and this one also ended there. Compared to Orwell’s 1984 and similar works, this novel is teen romance…. With all respect to the esteemed Mr. Bradbury, it reads more like Futurama.


If Bradbury wanted us to realize the importance of books, the LEAST he could do was make this book SEMI-interesting!

The author has a good idea. We should read instead of watching TV, but if this book is one of the choices you had better turn the TV back on.

who cares about a firefighter who burns book. now come on, i could write a book, about books,ten times better then that. maybe if the books had names and talked then maybe it would of caught my attention.


I have infinite patience when I am personally pretentious, self-absorbed, and dull. I don’t have the same patience when I read books that are that way, though.


This book is read is really depressing, but if you like that feeling, please feel free to read it.

…and this, from a reviewer who “took a shot at writing”:
I took this book with me to rifle practice and i shot at this instead of the target. I got busted but hey it was worth it. Mail me if you want a picture of my shooting.

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