Scathing Reviews of Love Story, by Erich Segal

Just in time for Valentines day, some tough love here for Love Story by Eric Segal. It’s a book that has been overshadowed by the 1970 Movie Adaptation starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw, who famously got more beautiful as her character got SPOILER WARNING closer to death. Its most famous line – “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” has been the target of much mockery, and I can tell you that it never works in my house… These reviewers are sorry they started reading:

Damn I’m not averse to a good love story, fictional or real, but Segal couldn’t write a good sentence to save the love of his life, his eternal flame.


A book only Al Gore would want to be the inspiration for.

…and, this not exactly scathing review, from a reviewer that is, shall we say, “needy”:

This book made me think how worthless my life is. I wish I knew this kind of love but without all the swering. If you think you can be my honey bun please e-mail me baby. -I’ll be waiting-

And some reviews of the movie too!

Boo Hoo Hoo – Blech!: I bought this for my mother, who likes weepy, maudlin stuff like this. Feh! This type of film make’s my skin itch, it is a classic weepy film, chock full of cliches. This is the Holy Grail of weepy melodramas. Enjoy.


The song’s good, shame about the cast.


Nothing unmasks cheap scripting and trendy plot shifts like time, and the past thirty years have done a number on Love Story.

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