Scathing Book Reviews of Battlefield Earth, by L. Ron Hubbard

Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard is a book that I confess, I read back in High School, lo these many moons ago. I recall thinking of it as “entertaining pulp”. At that time, Scientology had yet to make any headway in Hollywood, so buying the book had no undertones of furthering a fringe “religion” or contributing to the humiliation of Katie Holmes, or damage to Oprah’s couch. Would I recommend it to anyone? It has its entertaining qualities, but these reviewers think this glorified Pulp Novel should have remained pure paper pulp:

How in the world did this become a science fiction “classic”? This is drivel, junk, crap! Is it only Scientologist propoganda that keeps this book in print?… The writing is plain bad, written in the style of a high school student. I still gag thinking about it.


Afterwards I felt bloated, regretful, and more than a little embarrassed; the same bundle of shame and discomfort that might come from an overindulgence in ice-cream. Several years later I was diagnosed with biochemical depression and I can say that finishing this book was one of my first symptoms.


What makes this book so bad? [Everything.] It contains rifts of reasoning that would defy Evel Knievel.


The amount of 5 star reviews here [at Amazon] had me at first expectant that the book would be good, but after the first page of this… monstrosity… I have no doubt that every positive review on this site is written by one of Hubbard’s brainwashed followers.


*My God*. This book should be used as an example of what happens when the author is trying to fill pages rather then minds.


I’m not sure what kept me turning pages. I guess there must be some sort of literary masochist at the center of my soul. Maybe it was disbelief that something this bad could make it to print, and people would buy it; I was searching for enlightenment…. Didn’t find it.


Hubbard’s self-agrandizing introduction is much more entertaining than the book itself, so do yourself a favor and stop there.

…and they say you can’t judge a book by its cover? This Battlefield Earth review begs to differ:

…look at the latest cover art. It shows a burly man with a mullet and eight-pack abs. I’m guessing it’s the main protagonist. He is looking straight at you while paying absolutely no attention to the lasers he’s firing in random directions for no reason whatsoever. It is almost as ambitiously corny as the story itself. They say to never judge a book by its cover. Battlefield Earth may very well be one of those rare exceptions.

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