Scathing Book Reviews of Me Talk Pretty One Day, by David Sedaris

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is a book that I never plan to read. Why? Well, I find his NPR stuff a bit too smug, which I know is like complaining about finding books in a bookstore. I was not surprised, although a bit dismayed, to find David Sedaris #25 on the list of What White People Like. (It’s a joke, folks). What do Amazonians think of Sedaris? These reviewers find “Me Talk Pretty” a bit ugly:

Reading is my passion. This was like the worst lover ever.


I didn’t need to find a private place to read it since I didn’t laugh out loud once… To compare this to the writings of Mark Twain is to gravely insult Mr. Twain.


There is nothing humorous about this book. I find it rather distrubing and disgusting. Sick might be a better discription.


He reminds me of a cynical, sarcastic Woody Allen. Using humor to basically say “See how smart I am? I’m making fun of YOU, the AVERAGE person, and you don’t even know it!” Bitterness is not funny – it’s just plain ugly.


If this is what my friends call a good book, it’s obvious I’ve got to get new friends.


You may like Sedaris only if you watch network television sitcoms religiously.

…and this, from the Department of Memorable Similies:

It’s like eating chewing gum off the sidewalk — something novel, but not something you want to have inside your body. I’m embarassed that I gave it as a gift and I am writing an apology letter;

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