Scathing Reviews of Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is a book that I read and find fairly good, though certainly not “life changing”. I suppose talking to anyone that’s lived longer than you and getting their perspective is worthwhile (unless its My Uncle Jack), but while Morrie was a good man, its not like he was sitting on the mountaintop of wisdom either. I enjoyed the 1999 TV Movie Version with Jack Lemmon too, but that didn’t change my life either. Tuesdays with Ensign Pulver, on the other hand, might change my life, though not for the better….

These reviewers found “Tuesdays” to be quite a long afternoon:

I think the fact that my high school’s English department recommended it should have been warning enough to avoid this book.


The emotions described here have all the weight and sincerity of drugstore greeting cards. The author is a TV sportswriter and it shows.


How can a book be worthless if it’s such an acclaimed best-seller you ask? That’s like asking how Millie Vanilli could be talentless if they sold 7 million albums.


Don’t get me wrong — Morrie Schwartz sounds like an intelligent person and I have heartfelt sympathy for him. It’s Alborn’s cloying, witless style and his uncanny ability to highlight the most uninteresting part of his interaction with Morrie that is the downfall of this book.


if the sickening, cheap sentimental narrative style of this book doesn’t make you want to throw-up and take a shower to cleanse yourselves from its polluting drivel, then you folk out there have a serious problem.

and, to close, a review that summarizes my feelings. Morrie’s deserving of a tribute, but the book? Uh, no.

The book consists of little but insipid propaganda to allow the Oprah Winfrey crowd to pat themselves on the back and feel holier than the rest of us….I feel slightly guilty bashing this book, for fear that it may be thought that I am bashing the man himself. Obviously, I never knew the guy, but he seems like a fairly nice person; and someone who deserves a tribute. Unfortunately Mitch Albom’s book succeeds at being nothing but thoroughly craptastic, and as I’m writing a review of the book, not the man, I have no choice but to give it a fitting review.

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