Scathing Book Reviews of “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of those books that hovered about the edge of my male consciousness, vaguely associated with “Wuthering Heights”, men in Top Hats and PBS.

Then my wife and I somehow got into a “Jane Austen movie” viewing jag, or let’s say she did and I was along for the ride, and I found myself enjoying the movies, though the themes are pretty similar… We even watched The Jane Austen Book Club which ain’t bad, and Becoming Jane. Now, dare I actually READ these books? Probably, but these readers critical reviews of Pride and Prejudice may give me a prejudice against them:

I put it down at about page 100. From a fan of IMMANUEL KANT, this was too boring. Honestly, after I put it down, I had to study the Diamond Sutra and the Book of Job to get the vapid feeling out of my head.


This book failed to hold my interest and was nothing more than the chatterings and trivialities of women who want a man. Overly ‘girly’ and weak literature. F-


Over two- hundred pages wasted on useless tasteless writing! I read this book in school, and it was a majority consensus in my senior English class that Pride and Prejudice was awful.


i would recommend ppl to keep away from such a horror~ it hasn’t got the right to be called a ‘NOVEL’. i prefer lord of the flies.


I would not read again. If you like torture read book. If you smart spend money on beacon soda


This story was written in the early Victorian era, and hence it is quite old. We need to move on from the old ‘classics’. They mean nothing to readers (are there many left?) of the modern society.


lthought this may appeal to worthless romantics, it will not perform well to the MTV generation. The movie starred Hugh Grant. Please………[sic – the reviewer is thinking of Sense and Sensibility]

…and this reviewer finds the hidden – EXTREMELY well hidden, I might add – link between Jane Austen and Jerry Springer:

Essentially, it concerns a bunch of smart-aleck, stuck-up self-righteous phonies who try to outdo each other with their sarcastic and smart-aleck remarks. Give me a break, all of you who supposedly like this dull, monotonous, shallow book!! It is utterly beyond my comprehension how in the world this garbage is considered one of the great books of world literature. It is simply a 19th century British version of the Jerry Springer show.

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