Scathing Book Reviews of The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

“Don’t talk about politics!” is usually good advice, but in the case of Political Books, the book reviews are so juicy that heck, why not? Today I”ll do The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. Tomorrow I’ll do books written by John McCain. Dennis Kucinich? Uh, maybe later. Much later.

The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama probably has two kinds of readers, which lead to two kinds of book reviews.

First there’s the type who buys the book to get a closer understanding of who exactly Barack Obama is and what he stands for. Some of these are True Believers, others are undecided citizens. It’ll be interesting to see if the Barack Obama in early November bears any resemblance to the one that wrote the book…

The second group of buyers are Republicans who buy it so they can scout the opposition, and I suppose, get some Aerobic benefit. Nothing like a little “I can’t believe this #&@!” to get the blood flowing, I say.

These scathing book reviews of The Audacity of Hope are pretty audacious themselves… Check in tomorrow for John McCain!

Let me first state that I like Barack Obama. I’ve even contributed to his Presidential campaign, not easy for one who lives on Social Insecurity…Nevertheless, I’m saddened to report that “The Audacity of Hope” is so boring as to make one pray for the gift of blindness….I still like Obama and hope this book was ghost-written. If not…mere words fail me.


I felt better when I put the book in the bottom of my trash barrel to save others from it.


If you want to learn how to write good political propaganda, take a look at this book to see how it should be done.


I keep this book handy in my bathroom, just in case we run out of TP


NObama! This man will set race relations back 30-40 years. Let’s not turn the United States of America into a Marxist Obamanation.


These reviews have more plants than a Hillary Clinton press conference.

…and from a reviewer who seems to have “texted it in”:

why pay to read of his moral superiority? obama tellsus every day on the nightly news . now, if the book had chapters on, say, how to get slumlords to finance your house… then it would be worth buying .

…and from this reviewer, who finds a tie between ‘Jackass’ and Obama that has nothing to do with the Democratic Mascot:

So, long story short, I walk into my K-Mart and see one pile with Barack Obama’s book about hope and the other pile with Jackass the Movie (nr.1) DVDs. Please, don’t get me wrong; both those are quality gifts for the right person; both bestsellers and in the cheerful and hopeful spirit of the season.

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