Scathing Book Reviews of God is Not Great, by Christopher Hitchens

God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens is the kind of book that a person can write only when you are so inexperienced in life and judgement to think you know everything, or old enough to have seen too much. I say that with all sincerity, as anyone that has experienced the inevitable tragedies that come with life have ample cause to doubt the existence of God, or at least to believe that while He exists, He doesn’t care.

Lots of people are angry at Hitchens for writing the Book, but none less angry, I’ll wager, than Sam Harriswho probably sent Hitchens a note saying “Who asked you to jump on my bandwagon, pal?” If you ask me, writing a book titled “God is Not Great” seems to be like a dare. I imagine when Hitchens titled the book he at least half thought “That’ll get the Old &$^@{! to show Himself“.

So what’s in the book? Nothing new, frankly. “The Old Testament isn’t Historically Accurate. ” No kidding. “Life Sucks and God doesn’t solve all earthly problems.” Not a revelation. “Science now shows that…” Science can’t measure what it can’t see. “Religous people do bad things.” We know that.

I like Hitchens, but let’s face it, this book is more like an honest man’s anger at God’s lack of visible presence and the distortions of organized religion than anything new. Logically, you can’t answer all of his questions, but life isn’t always logical. Anyway, these Scathing Book Reviews of God is Not Great think the book is just hellish:

If “God Is Not Great” is the best argument for atheism, it’s no wonder that so many believe.


I believe that this book is a great example of that Great American Disease; I AM AN EXPERT ON EVERYTHING. This book was a waste of the authors time, don’t make it a waste of yours.


Would have rated it “5 Steaming Piles,” but that wasn’t an option. Hitchens has become completely unhitched. Christopher is truly a zealot without an anchor… By all means, buy this book; it makes a great doorstop and conversation piece.


Welcome to the animal farm. The barnyard animals have finally taken over the farmhouse from those awful farmers, but now the pigs are dressing up like people and acting just as bad! Its humorous to see the “new atheists” embrace the same rigidity, anger, and strident dismissal of any disagreement that they find (rightly so) disturbing in religion.


The book should be re-titled, “God Is Not Great, But Christopher Hitchens Is!!!”. From what I have seen of Hitchens on C-SPAN and various TV talk shows, I would say that he embodies the worst of the personality traits of adherents that have tainted organized religion throughout history: a pompous sense of self-certainty about everything, an absolute black & white view of morality, a strong tendency to label common human failings as pure evil, a propensity to demonize & vilify persons with whom he differs (e.g., Clinton, Kissinger, Mother Teresa), a dogmatic confidence in his own grasp of empirical data and ethical inferences therefrom.


Dude, God exists! How can this guy even say she doesn’t? He drinks alot and has a puffy nose. I hear Jesus talking to me every day, so he must be wrong.


I expected reasoned argument from an intellectual. Instead, what I received were half-arguments and half-truths from a half-wit.

You think by writing this garbage he’s going to change thousands of years of religion. Sounds full of himself to me! Have fun in Hell!


Another book written by an author who knows absolutely nothing about the subject he writes about!! Followed by reviews from people who know less than the author!

…and a review title that must irk the BeJesus out of Hitchens:

The Sean Hannity of Atheists

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