Scathing Book Reviews of The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini was not written to profit by America’s involvement in Afghanistan (I hope), but it certainly gained a great deal of attention due to U.S. presence there.  I imagine that if Americans weren’t in the country in great numbers, The Kite Runner would have been relegated to the lower shelves of most bookstores, regardless of its quality.  Don’t believe me?  When was the last time you read a coming of age story set in Sri Lanka or Nepal?  I’m not begrudging Hosseini his success, mind you.

Anyway, the Kite Runner become a succesful book and of course, a Kite Runner movie, nominated for an Academy Award.  Given the subject matter and some very harrowing scenes, its not exactly a beach book, but it is indeed a best seller, and the recipient of over 2400 reviews on Amazon as of August 2008.  I imagine I’ll read the Kite Runner sooner or later, but the readers who left these Scathing Book Reviews of The Kite Runner wish that Hosseini would go fly one:

If cable channels produced daytime soap-operas, this is what they would look like.


Never again do I pick up a book that has an Entertainment Weekly blurb listed TWICE on its cover.


This novel is so contrived, far-fetched, melodramatic, and poorly constructed that I am actually worried for America because it was a #1 bestseller… Let’s Let’s just say: if you enjoy reading fiction with engaging, fully drawn characters, tension and conflict, an innovative use of language and surprise, you won’t like this book.


After reading this book, I’m absolutely astonished at the hype it’s gotten. The only thing to which I can attribute its popularity is its Afghan setting, because everything else about it I’ve seen before–in a hundred other hackneyed, contrived, badly written pieces of fiction. Hosseini’s prose could not be more trite and cliche-ridden.


How did this book get any good reviews? I’d give it twenty dead turkeys if I could!


Really, It’s balls. This is the worst book in the universe.

…and one of the truly harshest reviews I’ve ever read about ANY book:

 Reading it is like lounging around inside the deviant mind of the most gruesome and perverted of all serial killers when that serial criminal is continually scheming to stalk and harm the most loving and innocent soul you could ever meet. I honestly feel soiled by such perpetually filthy and creepy plotting.


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