Scathing Book Reviews of Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler

You know, even with a site named Scathing Book Reviews, I often feel sorry for the writer who gets pilloried by bad reviews, even though getting a One Star from someone named BigTuna34JerseyBoy on Amazon isn’t the same as getting a nasty review from Michiko Kakutani.  However, in the case of Reviews of Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler, I’ll won’t feel a hint of guilt.

Perhaps you’ve heard of him?  Funny little mustache, black and white films, popular in the 1930s?  No, not Charlie Chaplin.  Yes, Hitler.  Some say Stalin was just as bad, but one thing you have to give to Stalin is that he just killed everybody that was against him, with no discrimination.  Stalin was just evil, while Hitler was distinguished by being both Maniacal and Evil.

While the Allies settled his hash a long time ago, and Hitler is surely paying for his crimes in the hereafter, history, in the form of the trusty Amazon reviewer, surely has the last laugh.  These Scathing Reviews of Mein Kampf say the book isn’t worth the struggle:

Talk about long winded!!! I find this a difficult read, he goes from one subject to another leaving me saying “whaaaaaat??”. Maybre I’m just a moron, got up to page 75ish & chucked. I read for pleasure, why tourture myself??!!!


Mein Kampf is one of the most bizarre books I have ever read. The tittle, when translated into English means My Struggle. Personally, my struggle was just getting through the first half of the book!


It should be known that while Mein Kampf was a big seller during Hitler’s reign, almost nobody outside the Party read it, it was so poorly written and obtuse. It is too bad that people read this crap and try to make its author more than what he was, an extremely lucky, but grossly ignorant man whose philosophy came from the gutters of Vienna and his inspiration from an event (WWI) that should never have happened.


It reads like what it is, a transcribed series of demented monologes dictated by *der Adolf* while he was cooling his heels in jail after the failed Munich *putsch*. Sure it’s all in there, the Holocaust, the war, the whole schmeer, but who can wade through the morass of turgid prose to find it? Who would want to? Imagine reading a transcript of fifty drunken, disjointed, endless *speils* by your racist old uncle against Jews, bankers, Communists and whoever else he had decided to hate that day. That’s what it’s like


Assuming, however, that the English translation is accurate, I cannot see how this maniacal idiot could have captivated otherwise intelligent and industrious people. I guess the Great Depression did strange things to people.


hmmm…this book reads like a madman’s amphetamine-driven rants.


its funny to read about how he admired henry ford for being anti-semitic. gosh i thought america was anti-hitler from the start, what with all the indiana jones and john wayne movies i have seen over the years.

…and finally, a reviewer who notes that while Adolf Hitler made a pretty fair homicidal would-be world destroyer, the authorial skills he displays in Mein Kampf are lacking:

No matter what you think of Hitler’s philosophy, this book is poorly written. Mr. Hitler despite his keen ability to commit a coup d’etat, run a fascist nation, and run a murderous holocaust he certaintly has trouble keeping his train of thought.

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