About Scathing Reviews

Have you ever come across a review and found it more entertaining than the production itself?  I certainly have, and if you’re a reader of Roger Ebert’s movie reviews, it’s a frequent occurence. 

His books “I Hated Hated Hated This Movie” and “Your Movie Sucks” are the direct inspiration for this site, which will attempt to find, display and link to reviews that are sincere, scathing, and funny, often without attempting to be. 

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

2 Responses

  1. Ah ha ha ha! I have never laughed so hard! I have my own book review blog, and one of the main reasons I started it was so that other people wouldn’t make the same mistakes I did (they can make their OWN mistakes, and then tell me about the shitty books THEY’VE read, and then I won’t make those mistakes and I can make different ones. See? Everybody wins). At the risk of sounding shamelessly self-promoting, I’m sure you can find plenty of bitchy quotes for your hilarious blog at MY hilarious blog, http://www.booksidoneread.blogspot.com, which is to say, I’ll link to yours if you link to mine 😉

  2. I’ve just been looking round your site and indeed, you are quite scathing! I haven’t looked at all your reviews – there are too many to read in one sitting, LOL! But anyways, I noticed there are all these book review blogs in your blogroll and “blogroll” page and I think a great addition to your blogroll would be The World Is Quiet Here – another wordpress blog. I found that blog and yours in the tag “classics of world literature” or something like that. The link to TWIQH is http://j128.wordpress.com. Check it! Maybe there are a few books on that blog you’ve reviewed and you could leave a comment! Again, The World Is Quiet Here: http://j128.wordpress.com. I think you’d like it.

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