Scathing Book Reviews of Obama Nation, by Jerome Corsi

Obama Nation, by Jerome Corsi is certainly the quintessential election year book.  I don’t know if Jerome Corsi believes everything he writes, but he’s certainly a canny author.  What better way to get book sales than to write a book attacking a major presidential candidate?  You’re sure to appeal to the base of the opposing party and get a ton of air time, and the best part is, even attacks on the Obama Nation book only make it more appealing to diehard Republicans. 

As for Obama Nation itself, I confess, I ain’t gonna read it.  Not because of my personal politics, just out of my reading and media preferences.  I’ll buy books on political figures (such as the excellent multi-volume biography of Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro, and on current events, but with modern political coverage, I’ll stick to the internet. 

Let’s face it – with all the revelations, deal-making and shifts in policy that goes on in politics, a book on any active politician is out of date the moment its printed – with anything written about John Edwards being Exhibit A.  These Scathing Book Reviews of Obama Nation think its an abomination:

Although I am not a writer, I have had a “flash of brilliance” about a book that Mr. Jerome Corsi could write next. It would be titled “Crackpot Nation” and would be about himself.


Whether you support McCain or Obama, this book is complete junk…it is a low-class smear job masquerading as journalism. Do your homework voters, and research both candidates. But don’t waste your time or money on trash like this.


Just when you that the Birchers had faded into a distant nightmare, their child crawls out from under a rock.


Where’s the best place to check out the conspiracy theories of Jerome Corsi? You will often find him on AM talk radio’s Coast to Coast AM, home of UFO buffs, exorcists and psychics. That should give you some idea of what to expect with this book…


This book is worth $1 mainly for its paper weight.


Why would anybody waste their money purchasing this book? If you’re pro-Obama, send the money to his campaign instead. If you’re pro-McCain, send it to the McCain campaign. If you like this author and think his work is accurate, send it to the Flat Earth Society.


…and from what I hope is an Ironic Reviewer:

I guess it’s okay to slander someone in the name of politics. Corsi is a mindless hack. Anyone who could possible think that such trash is credible should be given an mental status examination. Ach! Oh and by the way: John McCain wasn’t really a POW. It was all propaganda perpetuated by the military on an MGM soundstage.

 …and finally, I hope this person doesn’t answer e-mails from the “Bank of Nigeria”:

If the author couldn’t even get basic facts right — facts he could have gotten from Wikipedia or a simple Google search — then how can you trust anything in the book?

Scathing Book Reviews of “Faith of My Fathers” and more books by John McCain

Faith of My Fathers(2000) by John McCainmade a splash when it was originally published, but nothing to compare to The Audacity of Hope. On the other hand, Barack Obama’s book has yet to be turned into a TV Movieso I guess that means that John McCain, by the Kevin Bacon rule, has closer connections to Barbra Streisand than Obama.

What I didn’t know when I set out to find Scathing Book Reviews of John McCain’s book would be that McCain has written at least FIVE books, with the “co-author” Mark Salter, including:

Looking over that list, I can guess what McCain did with all the campaign slogans he didn’t use. Anyway, who would’ve thought McCain would be outpacing Obama in the book writing category? Here are some Scathing Book Reviews of John McCain books that indicate practice doesn’t make perfect:

Faith of My Fathers
Another reason as to why I did not like this book was the fact that he can write an entire chapter about what he did to occupy his time in solitary confinement. That entire chapter was torture; probably worse than what he was going through.


The real shame in ‘Faith of My Fathers’ is that McCain was involved at all; Salter’s efforts clearly demonstrate the ghostwriter’s skill, whereas J.M. has merely phoned in his oft-championed ‘trials and tribulations.’

…and this from a Howard Zinn fan, no doubt:

Bombing civilians and childern is one way to become a hero in an imperialist nation, and McCain’s name is at the top of the list when we see how these parasites of society use any opportunity to feed at the through of government. The real crime is that McCain is not still in a Vietnamese prison serving the life sentence he so richly deserves.

…and here’s a review that isn’t scathing, but worth reading:

Dag, but McCain was a buck in his youth! I could gaze at this cover for hours.

Hard Call: The Art of Great Decisions



Reminded me way too much of Polonius’s advice to his son in Hamlet, that is ‘full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse.’

Why Courage Matters

Between wonderful stories of individual courage, this treatise on courage and what causes people to react without respect to fear is totally unreadable jibberish. It makes no sense at all.


The message is great, but it could be presented on a 3×5 card instead.

…and the obligatory political comment:

Must’ve been ghostwritten. After all, how can it be that the author of ‘Why Courage Matters : The Way to a Braver Life’ doesn’t have the courage to stand up to Karl Rove. Sad, really.

..and finally, from the “Amazon is my soapbox” crowd:

Character is Destiny

I hereby publicly condemn John’s snivelling subliminal psywar campaigns. In doing so, I publicly proclaim that he likes to seem smarter than he really is. It therefore always amuses me whenever John cracks open a thesaurus, aims for intellectualism, misses, and lands squarely in a puddle of brutish frippery.